Research Sharing Seminar

May 31, 2023



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Registration (08:30am - 09:00am)
Opening Remarks - Chen Change Loy (09:00am - 09:10am)
Invited Talk (09:10am - 10:20am)
09:10am - 09:40amEn Jun ChoongAn Applied Perspective on Foundation Models and Multimodality
09:40am - 10:20amMike Zheng ShouMultimodal Video Intelligence
Break (10:20am - 10:35am)
Poster Pitches - Section A (10:35am - 10:55am)
1Size Wu Aligning Bag of Regions for Open-Vocabulary Object Detection
2Wei Li Correlational Image Modeling for Self-Supervised Visual Pre-Training
3Wei Li Siamese DETR
4Sijie Wang HypLiLoc: Towards Effective LiDAR Pose Regression with Hyperbolic Fusion
5Ruibo Li Weakly Supervised Class-agnostic Motion Prediction for Autonomous Driving
6Jingyi Zhang UniDAformer: Unified Domain Adaptive Panoptic Segmentation Transformer via Hierarchical Mask Calibration
7Jingyi Zhang DA-DETR: Domain Adaptive Detection Transformer with Information Fusion
8Zhipeng Luo Towards Efficient Use of Multi-Scale Features in Transformer-Based Object Detectors
Poster Pitches - Section B (10:55am - 11:20am)
9Muli Yang Bootstrap Your Own Prior: Towards Distribution-Agnostic Novel Class Discovery
10Zhongqi Yue Unbiased Multiple Instance Learning for Weakly Supervised Video Anomaly Detection
11Zixuan Fu sRGB Real Noise Synthesizing with Neighboring Correlation-Aware Noise Model
12Lanqing Guo ShadowDiffusion: When Degradation Prior Meets Diffusion Model for Shadow Removal
13Yi Yu Backdoor Attacks Against Deep Image Compression via Adaptive Frequency Trigger
14Yufei Wang Raw Image Reconstruction with Learned Compact Metadata
15Zongrui Li DANI-Net: Uncalibrated Photometric Stereo by Differentiable Shadow Handling, Anisotropic Reflectance Modeling, and Neural Inverse Rendering
16Yuekun Dai Nighttime Smartphone Reflective Flare Removal Using Optical Center Symmetry Prior
17Xiaoming Li Learning Generative Structure Prior for Blind Text Image Super-resolution
Poster Pitches - Section C (11:20am - 11:40am)
18Yushi Lan Self-Supervised Geometry-Aware Encoder for Style-Based 3D GAN Inversion
19Jingkang Yang Panoptic Video Scene Graph Generation
20Chang Liu GRES: Generalized Referring Expression Segmentation
21Zhe Jun Tang ABLE-NeRF: Attention-Based Rendering with Learnable Embeddings for Neural Radiance Field
22Xingyi Li 3D Cinemagraphy from a Single Image
23Ziqi Huang Collaborative Diffusion for Multi-Modal Face Generation and Editing
24Tianxing Wu Detecting and Grounding Multi-Modal Media Manipulation
25Peng Wang F2-NeRF: Fast Neural Radiance Field Training with Free Camera Trajectories
Poster Session + Lunch/Refreshment (Sponsored by Huawei) (11:40am - 13:30pm)